Inspired Benefits

Dead Sea cosmetics have gained an international reputation for many beneficial qualities for maintenance of the skin’s youthful appearance and protection of the skin cells against early aging. The exceptional composition of Inspired by Dead Sea ingredients allows them to penetrate the skin more deeply for better nurture, enabling you to keep defying the effects of time! The products combine precious, natural Dead Sea elements with today’s cutting edge technology and act as remarkably powerful controllers in slowing your skin’s natural maturation process. The mineral composition combined with active anti-aging ingredients as bio peptides, hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen, vitamins, natural oils and herbal essences used in exclusive Inspired cosmetic products is so special that it can’t be successfully imitated. These compositions along with unique ingredients provide instant visible amazing results and are particularly effective in skin regeneration, renewal and anti-aging scientifically proven effect in the long term.

About Inspired

Elena Salman,

company founder

Inspired by Dead Sea cosmetics comprehensive beauty care line was founded by a group of experts in dermatology with years of experience and knowledge in the unique components of the Dead Sea - the most highly concentrated natural marine mineral source in the world. The brand brings innovative biotechnology approach, based on the remarkable idea of developing professional grade cosmetic products formulated from precious, natural and unique active ingredients and most advanced cosmetics technology in combination with the famed minerals from the Dead Sea, glorious for their extraordinary health and beauty benefits. We are proud that our advanced manufacturing technology enables us to meet the growing customers’ needs worldwide. Our products are manufactured according to the highest standards and are renown around the world. Our aim is to deliver the advantages of the Dead Sea ingredients and fulfill the ongoing challenge to defy the effects of aging and restore your skin’s natural ability to renew and rebuild itself to achieve visibly smoother, rejuvenated, healthier and younger looking skin with healthy complexion. Inspired will take your skin to a journey of the world’s oldest and largest natural spa wonder - The Dead Sea.



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